aka Joey Brown is a Designer/Actor/Rapper/Singer from the heart of the Midwest. Joey Brown Sr. is the son of Kawonne Saddler, a Drummer, and Monica Brown, A vocalist and poet. Joey began writing and Recording music in 2005 with various local Rap Groups within the city of MIddletown, Ohio during high school, but later stopped when he moved to California and began College to Pursue a Career in Communications in 2008.

In 2012 Joeymakes Dropped out of college to pursue a Career as A Fashion Designer and in 2013, Joeymakes opened his First Brick and Mortar Store, Ran his own Website, and Created and Crafted all of his work in house, Selling his own brand of clothing, (Sweet Tooth Academie)( in his hometown Middletown, Ohio. Working From sun up until sun down creating, designing, and engineering all the clothing in house, local Producers would bring instrumentals for Joeymakes to listen to while working. Joey would take breaks to sing melodies, and write lyrics to these instrumentals. Using clothing as compensation for studio time, It wasn't long after that Joey was in the studio recording just as much as he was in his store. Music then became a passion and an outlet for creativity.     

Currently JoeyMakes is working relentlessly Day in and day out on both Music and Clothing. With Influences From Frank Ocean, Pharell, Drake, Big Sean, and 90's Rnb, it gives Joeymakes a Unique sound that Differs from todays music Scene. Joeymakes is known for being accessible to his fans Via his Instagram where You can see His Daily Activity and the Upcoming Projects and shows and His Persistent Work Ethic. 

Joeymakes is the Chief Executive of Sweet Tooth Academie, A Clothing Brand that is dedicated to the individuals who have a passion or a "Sweet Tooth" for achieving great Heights Disregarding all the Obstacles life puts you through, Which has been collectively spreading since 2011. Joey thrives on the challenges of being creative, Destin to Prove No matter your Trials and tribulations Keep "Making it, until you Make it."